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haha lmao the second puzzle was funny!
imagine expanding this into a full game, that'll be awesome


I love how the second level solution still works in the first level


WHAT THE HELL MATE, This was something insane


Okay that was hilarious but I got the second puzzle first try


jnvg, qvq lbh hfr ebg13 ba checbfr be whfg enaqbz. 

Gung'f shaal! V qvqa'g, ohg V fhccbfr vg vf gurzngvp

Also, I just want to let you know that I deleted some of your comments... they weren't bad or anything, there were just a lot of them. If you want to say more, please feel free to edit your old comments, and I should see them.

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Oh.. Ok.

RQVG: jung qbrf gurzngvp zrna?

FBYIRQ!!!! V ybir vg


svther bhg jung nffhzcgvbaf lbh ner znxvat nobhg gur tbny


you sly bird  (=/

v nyernql gevrq 1-1

ur guvat gung znqr zr guvax vf gur nern vf n 10-11


how do you do level 2?


Vg'f vzcbffvoyr znxr gur b jvgu gur obkrf (naq lbh) []

so you cant

Hint 2:

Vs vg'f vzcbffvoyr, lbh arrq gb znxr gur b jvgu nabgure ryrzrag.  []

yea i already beat it


hahaha i feel like a mad genius for getting the second level as fast as I did

this is a fun little silly puzzle


The solution is to stop playing because it's over.  Otherwise I don't see the solution.


Wow.  I was just on the verge of giving up (after making an H, a 17, a 71, the world's most boring game of Pong), when it suddenly hit me.  That's evil.  And clever.

how do you do it

In rot13: Lbh boivbhfyl qba'g unir rabhtu oebja fdhnerf gb znxr n pvepyr yvxr lbh qvq va gur svefg ebhaq.

Be ng yrnfg, abg n *oebja* pvepyr...


uh I can’t figure out number 2 :/

Negative space


Very cute! :)


Is the 2nd level possible?  I doesn't have enough blocks.  What do you do?


That, my friend, is indeed the question to be asking!

I cant figure it out either, im probably gonna keep trying for an hour but if you wanna give a hint or solution for level 2 i would be eternally grateful

Here's a hint, maybe not a great one but it's hard to hint for: (Rot13) Gur funcr vf gur vzcbegnag guvat.

I dont understand this oops
still havent finished it also