This is a one screen, one level Puzzlescript game about completing a circuit through rooms each about completing a circuit. Made for The Confounding Calendar.

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This was very fun to solve, great work!

block block door

that way is just too easy

the reason that i am here is because icley, i try to do a game and beat it before i watch the video

It asked if i was a robot 🤣

Haha, me too

Very fun, well designed puzzles with many clever twists!

Nice! Especially I like Room 4 and the last part.

Not too hard, not too easy! Nice work!

Maybe I didn't go with the intended solutions, but for me room 3 (bottom right) was harder than room 4 (top left). In room 3 I didn't have the materials to open the second door the obvious way after opening the first door. And even opening the first door was more tricky.


Fun!  I enjoyed this puzzle.  

great game and nice mechanics :)