A game made for the Confounding Calendar.

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Made withPuzzleScript
TagsMath, PuzzleScript


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Very cute

Great game, very clever design! (Also, look at the instructions carefully to find the key: click the "numbers" IN THE RED BOX)


hint  (.IO games)

I STILL CAN DO IT AFTER...rot13:svaqvat bhg gur gra guvat

did it! rot13:gra cyhf gra zvahf fvk

Man, that was inTENse.

I did it!!!!


I mean, I'm technically right.


Yeah, that's an annoying edge case.


What's going on with the rest of the puzzles for this month?  Yesterday was late and today there isn't even a new one posted yet.  


Sorry! Scheduling got weird. Hopefully it was ok the rest of the month?


Don't look at the comments before you solve!

i think you made a mistake, because i cant solve this


I promise you it can be solved by the methods you've hopefully figured out, i.e. click on a purple square, and then click on a number in a red box to put it in the square.  (It has to be a number in a red box; clicking on a number in a purple-background box doesn't work, of course.)

If you've played around with all the numbers below the equation and couldn't reach 14, that's normal.  But...!

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really mean but I'll let it slide
i said some not so nice things to my computer


Lol! Evil!! :D