This was a game made for The Confounding Calendar.

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Great puzzle! The solution is surprising.


This was great!


such an elegantly explored concept :D  had a lot of fun working this one out


What did you work out?  Did you get the teleporter to go to one of the smiley faces?  I don't see how to get a 9 out of there.  


rot13 hint: gur fbyhgvba qbrfa'g hfr n 9 ng nal cbvag


What is the final goal of the game?  

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spoliers rot13:trg 2 fzvyrl snprf bagb obgu gur fzvyrf ba gur sybbe. guvf vzcyvrf gur novyvgl gb trg 2 fzvyrlf, svther gung bhg lbhefrys


Thanks for the clue.  I did figure it out 2 years ago though :) 

Hard to figure out what the goal is.  Something to do with the smiley faces but in order to get out of the first spot, you have to destroy the #9 box.  

when your character steps on the smiley the X below changes to a checkmark