A one-ish screen, one-ish level puzzle game!

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It takes several Eureka moments to solve sub puzzles. And you managed to put all these puzzles into one small level. Beautiful and compact level design! Love it!

Ridiculously funny. Took me hours!!

More fun the longer you play :)

Masterpiece, fitting the ideas needed in the full solution into 5 different levels would be hard on its own, but this is truly something special. You even discover concepts in the order they would be taught by a more linear game, and it's certainly by design. And it even has incorrect pathways that are wrong due to principles of normal Sokoban (won't spoil)? This is insane!

Thank you! This means a lot

really love this type of puzzles: tiny room that is unreasonably hard. at first i had 0 ideas what i even supposed to do but eventually i figured it out


I finally solved it after several weeks


Awesome! Congrats!


This is definitely the most creative puzzlescript game I've played. I love it, wish there were more levels

Im so confused on how to get past the second level

Wow! this is a Super Cool way to Use Puzzlescript, I'm Starting to Figure it Out... I Think?

Even though i haven't beat it, it truly is an amazing game with so many moments of realizations. Even without beating it, this game has fulfilled it's purpose. thank you for making such a wonderfully thought-provoking game.


It's not often that one level with 4 objects takes about 8 hours but it's always a welcome distraction. Several 'Aha' moments on the road there.

great game, and I got the solution in my dream


I showed this amazing puzzle in my video here :)


I spend 2 hours to done this brilliant puzzle. Very nice!


Naturally we should now go on to 4D.


Ha, yeah, I have a prototype of that I was working on with https://coreyhardt.itch.io/

Looking forward to that ad infinitum


Jesus Christ that second stage was hard.  For future players: it is beatable.


Yes, I was very surprised by how large the state space was. The first stage cleverly hiding this truth made it more amazing.