A one-screen puzzle game made for the Thinky Puzzle Game Jam 2 about being a magician's assistant.

Playtesting by Corey Hardt, 5381, and Pancelor.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsPuzzleScript, thinky


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woah wait you got it to infinite loop for real?! How’d you do that?

Deleted 72 days ago

That’s so clever! You’re very close to the real solution, btw. (I wonder if the hat-bunny push breaks any other puzzles… I’ll have to test it).

Also, I’ll probably delete these messages at some point, as I have a (secret) no-spoiler policy for the comments of my games… but thank you for letting me know about this!

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ah- totally understandable! your games are all great, btw, i've been working my way through your page this past week or so and so far they're all bangers!

edit: figured it out - i really *was* close, huh?

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me :)

I logged into itch just to leave a comment about how awesome this was
It wasn't difficult, but it was still super enjoyable
that last level was so neat as well; and I have to ask
Was the intended solution (rot13 to not spoil it): znxvat gur enoovg tb ebhaq a ebhaq va n ybbc n srj gvzrf?

Thank you! And yes, that is the intended solution

Great game, really enjoyed the final section :)


I enjoyed the smooth tutorialization, and very neat mechanics! I'm imagining even more puzzles. I like seeing the whole area at once, it's fun seeing how far I've come. Fun rabbit tumbling animation haha. I appreciate the placement of checkpoints showing the rabbit finishing tumbling.

Absolutely loved this. The last solution literally had me smiling.
I think the only thing I secretly wished the game had was some mechanic of pushing hats into hats, but what's here is fantastic.

Thank you! If I ever make a sequel, that will be item number one.

I'm playing mobile and, after feeding it the first carrot, the game stops responding.

That's a bummer! Not much I can do about that, sadly.

I liked this game. There's a lot of cool ideas that follow from just a few mechanics.

Thank you!

I don't understand how the hats work...

Oh, never mind, I get it now...


The solution to the last part is just lovely. Had to comment just for this fact.

Thank you!

Cool. Expecting more levels.

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Cool stuff! I don’t really get the end part, things seem to get stuck in hats in ways that aren’t intuitive to me. Like a sequence of  three hats next to each other: up hat, below it right hat, right of that down hat gets stuck in the second one.

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That's an annoying thing that I fixed poorly... I will iron that out of the game in an update soon [edit: updated now!]. However, the final section can be beat without using any of those annoying, unintuitive moves.


I liked this one a lot! I was, however, disappointed that wizarding technology has not succeeded in extending hat teleportation distance much beyond what David Copperfield was managing in the 80s.

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Thank you! And haha yeah it sure made level design easier though

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